Archive for September 15th, 2021

Contract Disagreement

Our lawyers have years of business experience and know the best ways to solve your legal problems. We present our advice in a clear and concise manner, offer you solutions and help you negotiate with difficult parties. Clients appreciate our pragmatic, practical and personal approach to helping them with their business, and we pride […]

Confidentiality Agreement For Buying A Business

The main feature of a confidentiality agreement for commercial sale, commonly known as a confidentiality agreement (NDA), is the legal obligation for potential buyers to keep all information secret. Small businesses could lose market share to their competitors if their trade secrets or customer lists were shared. Potential buyers must promise not to misuse […]

Commercial Lease Agreement South Africa Word Document

It is recommended that tenants get legal advice before signing a commercial lease, most often written in favor of the owner. Even if the tenant is not able to negotiate the “standard terms” of the lessor, he should be informed of the unilateral provisions of the lease agreement. ☐ Subletting is not permitted. The […]

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