Archive for September 20th, 2021

Forward Agreement Adalah

Di mana kala itu penulis kerap mendapatkan order transaksi forward dari klien dan kerap istilahnya itu dikenal dengan forward transaction, dan bukan agreement. Jadi bukan hanya berjanji tetapi sudah masuk ranahnya adalah eksekusi atau transaksi. Dalam konteks forward agreement berjanji ini dikatakan belum disebut sebagai akad. In the financial sector, a futures contract or […]

Financial Assistance Facility Agreement Greece

On 17 July, the Council approved a proposal for a Council implementing decision on short-term financial assistance to Greece and an amendment to the Council Regulation establishing a European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism. An overview of the disbursements of financial assistance from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) under the ongoing Stability Assistance Programme for Greece […]

Extension Of Rental Lease Agreement

Notification of non-renewal of the rental contract: , tenant and all others in possession of: Rental Address City-State, Postal Code You are hereby informed that your rental will not be renewed at the end of this period. You are expected to. The parties agree to complete and modify the rental agreement they have concluded […]

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