Fixed Sum Loan Agreement O2

11.8 Your material terms under the consumer contract regulations have no influence on O2 network agreements with Aerial Direct Limited. 3.1 Equipment, fare and service subsidies made available to the customer by AD are subject to the duration of the chosen contract and its terms and conditions and are based on revenues expected or expected over the duration of the contract, including the termination period. It is therefore expected that the customer will respect the contract, the turnover and its conditions. In the event that the customer does not meet the minimum duration, AD reserves the right to charge the expected or expected turnover at the full sale price, without discount for the minimum term, in order to recover the losses received and incurred, and if the agreement is not respected, a cancellation fee could be charged. 9.4 It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that he has no contractual obligations to another network or network. All costs associated with acquiring PAC codes or terminating existing contracts must be fully paid by the customer, unless agreed otherwise and clearly stated on the AD sales order form. When an agreement is reached with AD, the costs that are determined by AD must be reasonable. If the costs are not reasonable, the customer may decide to participate in the fees or wait until the costs are reduced over several months. During this period, the customer may terminate the contract, however, the termination fee is subject to 10.1 to 10.5. 7.13 Tastecard membership is available to the customer and may only be forwarded to a designated person, assigned to the contract or given directly by the account holder, unless AD has the corresponding consent to send such notice, but by naming another party, the customer accepts the received flavour card. As soon as a financial company contacted O2 on behalf of the client, it conducted a thorough investigation into the case. Mr.

Kent had provided the financial site with a copy of the letter he had sent to O2. However, they were not mandated to pass the $20 rate and maintained it on the tariff with a lower utilization rate. This led him to over-raise his phone without knowing it. This kind of error is very unfortunate for mobile phone users, who could use a credit day to pay their bill to have a phone service. A mobile phone is needed in today`s digital world, and most people would feel lost without a mobile phone. Since then, O2 has credited the customer with an additional $263.55 and a $50 gift on his next bill. Shows the best cards and credits you`re most likely to get. 6.5 The customer may terminate 30 days to terminate this contract if AD does not provide the agreed equipment or a suitable replacement within 90 days.

If the customer terminates the contract within this time, the customer is responsible for all termination charges under paragraphs 10.1 to 10.3, plus the initial entry price of the handsets in accordance with the AD order form. (b) subject to ad sub-clauses, the right to withdraw the technology fund at any time during the agreement, including the remaining amount of credit from the technology fund and the future right of credit to the technology fund with respect to new connections (if any), in the case of: (g) in the event that an associated agreement is terminated for any reason pursuant to Clause 10. the technology fund is committed and all balances of the technology fund are withdrawn by AD.

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