Krita License Agreement

Krita as a whole is allowed under GPL v3. Parts have more permissive licenses, which is shown in each source file. Our Krita builds also include third-party libraries under GPL license or a more permissive license. Our source code shows exactly where you can get the source of these libraries and contains our changes to those libraries. krita reboot and it will be displayed in your language! These conditions govern the use of the internet forum on To use the forum, you must accept these conditions with administrators who run the forum. There may be two other files you want to delete: kritaopenglrc and kritadisplayrc. These conditions contain a number of important provisions that affect your rights and obligations, such as disclaimers in disclaimers. B, restrictions on liability for against them in liability limitations, your agreement to cover for damages caused by your misuse of the Forum, and a dispute settlement agreement in the event of a dispute. You and agree to seek injunctions on these conditions only in the Courts of Mumbai. Neither you nor will challenge the jurisdiction, forum or jurisdiction in these courts. You agree that will be free to respond to the comments and suggestions you provide and that you do not have to inform yourself that your feedback has been used to get your permission to use it or pay you. You agree not to submit comments or suggestions that you think are confidential or proprietary.

Krita on Steam and in the Windows Store is always free and open source software; Binary files are exactly the ones you can download from We put a price tag on the Krita download from both stores to support Krita`s development. No one will be rich in this, but Steam and Windows Store revenues currently pay for the full-time participation of four developers with Krita. For more information, see Krita Available from the Windows Store. The content you send to the forum is yours and you decide which permission you want to give to others. However, at least allows you to make the content you transmit to the forum available to other forum users. This special license allows to copy, publish and analyze the content you transmit to the forum. If you change Krita yourself and distribute the result, you must share your changes with us. Kritas GNU`s GPL license guarantees you this freedom. No one should ever remove it.

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