Recruitment Agency Preferred Supplier Agreement

Tell the customer, “I understand that you are satisfied with your current suppliers. That is why my intention is not to replace them, but to complete them. Let me prove to you what we can do. What are the vacancies that are currently facing you? They can help you reduce your costs, especially if you just take the exit rate. Using one or two suppliers can be really helpful if you`re in a high-value business environment or if you don`t need expertise. A well-functioning PSL should also lead to strong relationships with your recruitment providers and develop a good understanding of your business, which should lead to better recruitment of quality, hiring time and all others. Most recruiters fall into the trap when they ask, “When is your PSL going to be renewed?” or “How do we become a preferred supplier?” These questions may be useful at some point, but not as your first request. What for? Indeed, these questions implicitly believe that there is no possibility of doing business with this client in the short term. So when you ask these questions, you`ve usually already admitted defeat in your own head.

And maybe you give up too easily. 3. Become a “Second Animal” supplier Ask them: “What would you do if your regular suppliers were not able to provide suitable candidates? What is your backup plan? Many customers don`t have an answer. They will be forced to admit that if their current suppliers have not been able to deliver, they should consider other alternatives. You can then say, “Our intention now is not to replace your existing suppliers, but to complement them. Let`s be your mates. 2. Sample for problems with their current supplier Now here`s the challenge. If you go straight out and ask, “What problems do you have with your current suppliers,” you probably won`t get an honest answer. People don`t like to give themselves problems, let alone a stranger.

So we have to do detective work. Do you remember how you saw Lieutenant Columbo on TV? He was a master at finding errors in the suspect`s story. But he did so without them knowing what he was doing until it was too late. In fact, the secret to his success was that he was so polite and discreet.

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