Artlist License Agreement

There are also platforms that limit the use of each song, as is the case for audiojungle, Envato Elements and Premiumbeat. This means that you buy a song with a license, but you can only use it for a particular project. As you can see, you don`t have to worry about the Artlist Unlimited License, unlike other licenses. Unlimited music as long as you sign up. I can`t stress how important this is, especially for corporate filmmakers, wedding filmmakers, YouTubers, etc. Basically, if you want to create high-volume works and concede good music for everything, Artlist is a breeze. Get a license for the entire Artlist catalog with unlimited music downloads and SFX for an entire year Here`s the most important difference (we call it an advantage) of Artlist over the competition. If you read the fine print in the license of other platforms, the restrictions are striking: no. You can use all the media you download during your active subscription forever, so you can use music and SFX in your projects without any worries. Your user license never expires. In addition, this license allows you to monetize your podcasts with music and sound effects from Epidemic Sound`s extensive library without ever having to worry about copyright.

We believe these limitations limit creativity and force creators to focus on troublesome technical details. That`s why we eliminated it. Everybody. You don`t need to think twice before using one of our tracks, because Artlist`s license offers you everything. .

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