Has Dish And Cbs Come To An Agreement

Too many lost channels and no refunds. I have been on trial for 20 years. Dish has to negotiate the contract and let us decide whether we want to pay the price or not. If you quote the court, you will be talking to people who speak the worst English. Get the justice network together. I will make sure to tell everyone I know never to go with the court network. FIX THESE ISSUES AND RETURN OUR STATIONS. Or the judgment of GIVE US REFUNDS is the worst. The price changes to a contract. Dish is violating my contract by not providing the number of choices they gave when signing the contract.

The price has not gone down. But if we let it go, it will be. There are only a few months left to live with you. Here is Direct TV. My advice to Dish is to fix it. .

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