Share Purchase Rights Agreement

5.1. The conclusion of the sale and purchase provided for in clause 2.1 shall be carried out at the offices of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Barcelona for at least three (3) working days after the notification referred to in point 3.3 (or on another date agreed by the parties), provided that the condition precedent referred to in point 3.1(d) is fulfilled immediately before completion, if, in the order determined, the following conditions are met: 15.1. [•] is authorized to assign or novat all rights and obligations under this Agreement to any other member of the group [•], following which all references in this Agreement to [•] shall be read as references to the beneficiary of the agreement. The Seller and the Companies agree that a separate agreement is not necessary for such an assignment to be effective, but if other measures, consents or documents on their part are necessary to complete such an assignment, the Seller and the Companies undertake to do so or to provide it. 2.1. Subject to the adjustments provided for in clauses 6 and 9, the total purchase price (the purchase price) to be paid for all shares is the sum of euros [•], subject to such adjustments. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Seller sells the Shares as the absolute owner [•] and [•] buys the Shares from the Seller. 10.2. In addition to the termination rights provided for in clause 10.1 [•] may terminate this contract at any time prior to the conclusion by written notice to the seller (with the exception of clauses 13 to 21 (with the exception of clauses 14 and 19) and Annex 1), if a fact: The case or an event (whether it exists or occurs or occurs before the date of this contract or which occurs at any time before the date of this contract contract) which: for example, when a company has made a profit of $1 per share with ten shares outstanding and has issued ten additional shares, earnings per share fall to 50 cents per share. Due to a drop in EPS, investors could sell the stock. Purchase rights are offers made to existing shareholders to acquire additional shares in relation to the number of shares already held. Sometimes the right to buy may be lower than the market price for the stock.

Investors who have purchase rights can drop the rights or act with another shareholder if they do not wish to increase their investment in the company. Share purchase rights and option contracts have similar characteristics, but there are marked differences between these two financial offers. Holders of share purchase rights may or may not acquire an agreed number of shares at a predetermined price, but only if they are an existing shareholder. . . .

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